Friday, July 10, 2015

My aunts surprise 70th birthday party

I've been a bit busy for the last month creating the invitations, ordering the favors and organizing everything.  At one point I even called my aunt and lied about my mother running into one of her friends to get the friends address and it worked!!! She had no clue!! I called her a few more times asking questions about her favorite candy as a kid so I can re-create a candy bar like she had when she was a kid.   I'm having a few family members create poster boards with pictures of her from over the years and to sign as well, a great keepsake for her.  I also made everyone wear these t-shirts I ordered with her picture on it which was so much fun!! Her birthday cake is a bingo theme because she just loves bingo.  My mom and her family grew up in a very poor environment and lived on the riverside in what is called a creek but the family pronounces it 'crick'. 

I tried to keep with a theme of somewhat "country" theme so I ordered some burlap products and some fancy products. I asked my mom what did you play with when you lived on the crick so I can give that type of party favor out as a fun flash back to simpler times and my mother said we played with rocks!! How could I give a rock out as a party favor??!?!

My Grandmother dressed my mom and her like this when they were kids.  I had a few family members change their Facebook profile for the day to this one.

Here are the pictures of the invitations and a few of the party favors!

Here is the bingo cake.
The frosting is whipped cream and strawberries inside.

The poster board with fun pictures it also lights up