Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Box Decoration

This weekend I had both my nieces sleeping over so I decided to do a Christmas Box theme - mostly because it gets them to sit still and gives my parents a break from the hectic fun and loud exciting house we have when they come over.  We love them so much it's insane - funny how your parents are ok with the grandkids making a mess and leaving it - compared to their first born child doing the same - and getting yelled at for it!!! My brother and I are still amazed at what these two get away with when with Nannie and Pop!

I went to ACMoore again and purchased 3 wood boxes.  I also picked up some miniature stuff, like the frosty snowman, reindeer, little trees, wreath and fake snow.  We painted the boxes white and I wanted to put music sheets on the boxes but I didn't find any in the store, I was going to do newspaper on the box with gesso but we decided to do just white paint.  We had to put at least 4 layers of paint on the wood but as they wanted a 'old' look.  I said antique and they said yea old look. 

I had to do most of the gluing for them with a hot glue gun as the regular fabric tac, zip dry didn't work - at least the fake snow covered up those piles of glue!!!They loved painting these and I think a perfect day at home project and a rest for the parents - in total I think we did about 1 hour working on these


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