Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Imaginisce Giveaway Alert!

CHA Day 2: Set-up and Classes: "
Boy was it a long (and fun) day!! I decided to go against my better judgement and wear CUTE shoes instead of comfy shoes and my infected tooth has been throbbing most of the afternoon. But thanks to the really awesome students in both of our classes today, my day was a BLAST!! Here's a quick run down of what we've been up to...
Kenny & Matt assembling our awesome booth!
Nicole & hubby Matt organizing the trade show closet.
Me...bright-eyed...and ready to start the day.
And lovin my i-rock tool!!
We then headed over to our classroom where I would spend the majority of my day with some really amazing students from all over the world.
Kenny & Matt helping move the TON of boxes of class
tools & product to our classroom!!

Awesome students from one of our classes!
More pics of the best students at CHA. Thanks ladies!!
We offered two classes here at CHA...the first was designed with our new B-Day Bash Collection and the i-top Tool. And the second (sold out) class featured our Cottage Christmas Collection and the new i-rock Tool!! I have to say, those girls in the i-rock class loved the new i-rock tool and we couldn't stop them from adding bling all over their projects and more. In fact, we did learn that you CAN i-rock your acrylic nails LOL. Don't try it on your regular nails...that hurts!

So after getting some food (never have time to eat when you're teaching)...taking a nice hot shower, I put my feet up and started to blog. Now I think I'll go to be early and get rest for another fun and long day tomorrow.

We'll be announcing winners of our week long CHA giveaways...so keep coming back each day to enter a different giveaway. Today, we'd like to give a big THANK YOU to our class sponsors. So many companies were generous in providing us product so we wanted to list them here. We'll send you a sample box of all the product they donated to us too!! Just make an effort to jump over to their Facebook pages and tell them "thanks for supporting Imaginisce CHA classes!!" Here's a list of links. You can enter to win for each Facebook page you comment on...we'll even throw in an i-rock tool and i-top tool to make it worth your time!!

Big thanks goes out to the following companies:

(Thanks to Clearsnap as well for the chalk ink...but I cannot find their facebook page.)


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