Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Today's the day to be the most creative you can be. We can turn ourselves into Rock Stars, princes, princesses and even something scary!!! I found this scary pumpkin on the web and thought it was really good. Is everyone going treat or treating tonight? Or Egging and TPing people's cars and houses? Which could be more fun???

On another note I entered the Dream Girls challenge this week for Think Pink and I tried to take the picture in different places yet again and was unable to get the entire scrapped page in the photo - but here is my entry below. As you can see I still have the darn light from the camera messing up the photo. You can't see what I wrote - it was You can never have enough Pink!

Monday, October 6, 2008

It's Almost time for Halloween!

I know Halloween is right around the corner because it was really really cold out again this morning! I found the most awesome blog today and I will be making the cupcakes on a stick this weekend! I will be also making the other pops for Halloween for treats to hand out. We only get about 8 halloween-ers and they are all our neighbors so they take freshly baked goods as gifts! I can't wait to try this Bakerella cupcakes. I purchased everything I need and have a trial run this weekend!! I am sure I will have a few people that will test out the products!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

October Already!

So this morning was a bit of a shock! I had to be at work early - really early - 745AM - yikes I haven't been up and out that early in a looonnng time! The weather was only 50 degrees I was shocked, I did not have a coat and was still wearing capris so I had to rush back in and change my clothes and unfortunately get a jacket!!! - That really upset me, I am still trying to hold on to summer I guess. Pretty soon Christmas and snow will be here.

So I joined another scrapbooking challenge at Dream Girls

I really like this site - it's only twice a month and it doesn't have such strict requirements to stay a member of the challenge! I definitely recommend it. Go on over and sign up. The prizes are great too, plus you get your work out there! Here is one that I have posted - the first really isn't all that great because the requirement was a black and white photo - and I have yet to learn / master how to photo my work so it's a bit small.