Monday, March 24, 2008

Almost Time for Extreme Scrapbooking Event 2008!

Usually it is very expensive to go to a weekend getaway and they are really to me not far enough away from home, so when Lasting Memories had a weekend of classes hosted by The Button Farm, I went on her website and was instantly hooked. I enjoy her kits and they are so easy to create, the directions are great and the final product looks just amazing! I am so excited to go to this weekend getaway. It is in New Hampshire hosted by The Button Farm! This is what I call a great get away for scrapbooking and so worth the expense. You travel to a new location and meet so many other just like you! 100 people will be in a room for two days creating great new works of art! That to me is the definition of a weekend crop getaway!

This is the link to see the last ESE event of 2007 so you can see the pictures from the last event and read all the comments.

This is the link to the Button Farm Blog where you can see all the pictures of what will be creating over the two day event.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Upcoming Kit from Simply Obsessed

Here is the new kit that should arrive any day now. I have so many plans for it already, I just need to set aside some time! These kits are really great and the possibilities are endless! The price is just right for them as well! I definitely recommend them and the monthly kit club!


A bit late - March Kit

This is the March Kit from Simply Obsessed
I forgot to post this earlier I have been so busy lately with re-organization of the crop corner!!

Busy At Work!

Every time there is a visit a small person always has to sit at my desk and do her work!! She uses the mouse, hits the keyboard and go figure yells at the monitor. This is the future! And she will be 2 on April 2nd!!!